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Afta Hill, a recording artist, producer, and a child of Tehranto. Afta Hill is an Iranian-Canadian artist from Toronto, Canada. Born Arya Safakish, the multifaceted Afta is a self-taught virtuoso in many disciplines and media.

A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, sound engineer, visual artist, and creative director, Afta's versatility is on full display in his latest project, “Tehranto” (a portmanteau of his hometowns, Tehran + Toronto). Afta started his career in music at the age of 12, producing under his producer's name Safakash. At the age of 18, amidst struggles with addiction, mental health, and a toxic relationship, Afta dropped out of York University. But he managed to change his life for the better and pursued his dream of being an artist. In just two years, Afta went from performing for 40 people in underground shisha lounges to organizing, headlining, and selling out a venue of 350 fans. He co-founded his own label and publisher “Bad Faith Records” to enable a frictionless creative infrastructure.

In his performance, Afta Hill takes us through three distinct sonic landscapes.

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