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Shahin Najafi is an Iranian musician, poet, singer, and songwriter. Born in 1980 in Bandar-e Anzali, Iran, his career in music began as he started writing poetry and learning to play classical and flamenco guitar in his teens. He then turned to rock music, often performing as an underground musician. Shahin has had many concerts worldwide including Europe and North America. Shahin stands apart as a musician who brings both catchy riffs and revelations to every performance.


Babak Amini was born in April 1970 in Tehran, Iran. He was always amused by the world of music and his first experience of music was at the age of 10, with his mentor and teacher, the renowned "Shahrokh Partovi" in flamenco style. He then followed his ambition which was studying with the one and only master of the trade-in guitar: Simon Aivazian.

He entered the professional world at the age of 18 and released his first album “Gray Rain” in 1990. Then, his second album called “Blue of the Rain” released in 1993. In his third album “shadow of my Own”, he used poems of "Baba Taher", "Hafez", "Molana (Rumi)" and Nima.

His performance in a famous Iranian movie named "Red "is still one of the most memorable musical scenes of Iranian film history.

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